52 Week Money Challenge!

52 Week Money Challenge

Who is ready to accept the 52 Week Money Challenge?  By saving just a few dollars every week, you can save close to $1400 by the end of 2014!! 

UPDATE:  Want the Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge?  Go check it out from Fused Life Here: Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge

The 52 week money challenge is one of the easiest ways to save money out there.  It is very simple to do.  Every week, you just deposit the same amount of money as the number of that week into a savings plan of your choice.  Just make sure that you don’t have easy access to that account, so you won’t be tempted to spend it.  :)

The first week, you would deposit $1, the second week, you would deposit $2 and so forth all they way until 52 weeks have been completed.  If you complete the plan as scheduled, by the end of the 52 weeks, you will have deposited $1387 into your account.  Pretty cool, right?

So what is stopping you?  Start your 52 Week Money Challenge now.  Just click the image above to download your very own 52 Week Money Challenge.  Print it out and start saving!  Let me know how it goes!


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Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide!

Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Make your own toothpaste using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  Add salt to the mixture for a whitening toothpaste.
  2. Clean counters with half peroxide and half hot water.
  3. Whiten grout using full-strength peroxide.  Let sit and then clean with warm soapy water and a grout brush.
  4. Spray mirrors with peroxide and wipe clean.
  5. Clean fruits and vegetables with food grade peroxide.  Let stand for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and let dry.
  6. Disinfect refrigerators using a solution of half peroxide and half water.
  7. Remove blood stains from clothing using peroxide.  Pour peroxide directly on the stain and let sit for 5 minutes.  Rub and rinse with cold water.  Repeat if necessary.
  8. Kill mites by spraying the area with peroxide.
  9. Increase plant growth by watering with a solution of one part peroxide to 32 parts water.
  10. Remove collar and armpit stains.  Spray with a solution of two parts peroxide and one part liquid detergent.  Let sit for one hour and rinse with cold water.  Repeat if necessary.
  11. Sanitize toothbrushes by soaking overnight in peroxide.
  12. Whiten fingernails by soaking in peroxide.
  13. Add a couple ounces of peroxide to your dishwashing detergent to sanitize dishes.
  14. Make your own mouthwash by using a mixture of equal parts peroxide and water.  Peroxide is the ingredient that you will find in many of the designer brand mouthwashes.
  15. Clean and sanitize your cutting boards by spraying with peroxide.  Let sit, scrub and rinse clean.
  16. Make a paste out of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  Rub onto dirty pans, let sit and remove dirt and grease with warm water and textured sponge.
  17. Clean toilet bowls.  Pour one cup peroxide into the bowl and let sit for 15 minutes.  Scrub clean and flush.
  18. Spritz plant leaves to help fight fungus.  Add a small amount of peroxide to your spray bottle and spritz away.
  19. Sanitize lunchboxes with a mixture of one cup peroxide and half a cup of warm water.  Let stand overnight and rinse clean.
  20. Dip a cotton ball or swab in peroxide and dab on pimples to help clear away acne.

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Like Twice American Eagle

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How to Roast Baby Pumpkin Seeds

Have you ever tried to Roast Baby Pumpkin Seeds?  My husband and kids really love pumpkin seeds, so I thought I would give these a shot.  They really enjoyed my Sugar-Glazed Pumpkin Seeds, too!  I bought some baby pumpkins to try out roasted pumpkin recipes that I found.  So yummy! 

As I was cleaning the pumpkins… I noticed that they had a HUGE number of seeds in them.  I really wasn’t expecting that many seeds in such a small little pumpkin, but I was glad to see them.  I did a simple salted roast, and they came out perfect!  Here’s how you can get your perfect roasted pumpkin seeds:

First, make sure you clean all of the pulp from around your pumpkin seeds.  The easiest way that I have found is to really get your hands dirty!  Take a small handful of seeds, and squish the pulp through your fingers… allowing the seeds to remain in your hands!  At first, I thought it was a little yucky, but it wasn’t too bad once I got used to it.  My kids LOVED sorting the pumpkin seeds, so you can make it a family event.  Lol

Once you have your pumpkin seeds separated, give them a quick spin through a strainer and then place in a medium-sized pot.  Fill the water at least an inch above your seeds.  Add a generous amount of salt and bring to a boil.  Simmer for about 10 minutes and drain.  Now, you can either let your seeds dry on their own, or blot them with a paper towel.  They do not have to be 100% dry… just not dripping wet.

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees and place your pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet.  Lightly drizzle with olive oil or lightly mist with olive oil spray.  Sprinkle salt generously over the top of you seeds and roast for 10-15 minutes.  That’s it!  It’s that easy to have super yummy roasted baby pumpkin seeds! 

These seeds turned out with a crispier shell and a slightly harder inside than the larger pumpkin seeds.  You could probably get the same crispy result by cooking larger seeds a little bit longer.  Just be careful not to burn the inside.  Oh – and if you let them cool a little bit before you eat them… the shells will crisp even more!  So good!  How do you like your pumpkin seeds?  Check out my sugar-glazed pumpkin seed recipe here!

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