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Organize Your Coupons

I have my coupons… now what?

Coupons do no good for you if you do not have a way to organize them.  There are many different organization systems available for you to choose from.  The important thing is to find a system that works for you!  If you are not sure which system will work the best for you, try the one that sounds the best.  If you find that it is not working well, change your system!  Here are some ways to organize your coupons:

  • Ziploc Bags – I will admit that I have used the Ziploc method of couponing before.  This was before I used Coupon Matchups.  I would make my grocery list and then locate coupons only for products that I was planning on purchasing.  I would then stuff all of my coupons in one or two Ziploc bags and head to the store.  Not very organized, but worked for me for a short period of time.
  • Expanding File Folders– If you don’t plan on being an extreme couponer, but still want to take advantage of the savings with coupons… this may be the best system for you.  I started my couponing with a check size expanding file folder that would fit in my purse.  You can find these at Walmart, Target or any office supply store.  You can organize your coupons however you like within the expanding files.  Be sure to get one that snaps or ties shut so that you don’t lose your coupons!
    • How I used mine: I divided my coupons up based on my Coupon Matchups for the week.
    • Pros: I had every coupon that I needed and could just pull out all of the coupons at the register.  I didn’t have to remember my coupon book because they were always with me.
    • Cons: This took advanced planning and I often missed out on additional coupon deals that were available because I made my list and left the rest of my coupons at home.  I would have to sort through the coupons during my trip to ensure that I was purchasing the right items for my coupons.
  • Coupon Box– You can organize your coupons just like you would recipes or phone numbers using a small storage container.  You can purchase a large or small box and make custom tabs for your coupon box.  Sort by store, product name or department.
    • I never used a coupon box, but here are the pros and cons:
    • Pros: You can get a box that is large enough or small enough to fit your needs.  You can organize and file in whatever order that you would like.  You can bring a large number of coupons with you to the store each week, and don’t have to be as organized as other methods.
    • Cons:  You have to bring a box with you and sort through the coupons on each trip.  Depending on the size of the box, you may have to fold some of your coupons
  • Coupon Binder– This is my preferred method of coupon organization.  It is a Notebook Binder that has page protectors to store your coupons in one place.  You can make these yourself, or purchase pre-made ones.  These take a little more organization on the front end, but are well worth it at the checkout counter!
    • Here is how I use mine:
    • Pros: My coupons are always organized and I never have to search for one.  I can easily see coupons that have expired.  I do not have to sort through coupons in the store!
    • Cons:  It takes more time to organize the coupons than other methods.  It is also more expensive to create the coupon binder.
    • First, I purchased a Zippered 3 Ring Binder for my coupon storage.  I have a printed table of contents, which is organized by store departments and numbered tab dividers.  You can download my table of contents for Free HERE.
    • Next, I have a mixture of One Pocket Sheet Protectors, Three Pocket Sheet Protectors, and Nine Pocket Sheet Protectors.
    • The One Pocket Sheet Protectors are where I store my Coupon Policies and any leftover coupon inserts.
    • The Three Pocket Sheet Protectors are where I store my Internet Printable Coupons.  These are usually full page length, so the Three Pockets work great for these… no folding necessary!
    • The Nine Pocket Sheet Protectors are where I store my Manufacturer Coupons from my Newspaper Inserts.  They fit very well, but you may have to fold some of them – or use your Three Pocket Sheets.
    • On Fridays, I typically go through my coupon binder and remove any expired coupons to send to the troops.  CLICK HERE for more details on that.
    • I familiarize myself with the coupons that I have in my binder and then I take my binder with me on every shopping trip that I make.  I even take it with me on short, run in-run out trips.  That way, if I see a sale or clearance item that I have a coupon for… I don’t miss out on the deal.

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