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Elmo’s Learning Adventure!

Get Elmo’s Learning Adventure Gift Package, over a $40 value, for only $7.95!!! You will receive a gift set that includes hardcover Storybooks, Activity Books, Adventure Cards, a Colorful Bookcase, Laminated Storage Box, Divider Cards and a FREE Elmo Backpack. Order your gift package today!

If you like the Gift Package, do nothing and about every three weeks they will automatically send you two brand new Elmo’s Learning Adventure sets, each containing a Hardcover Storybook, Activity Book, and 6 Adventure Cards. The price is just $9.95 per set, plus $4.95 shipping and handling per shipment. Sales tax added where applicable. ALL future shipments will be billed to your credit card.

Get a FREE Elmo Backpack + FREE Shipping

Kids love learning with Elmo
Get Elmo’s Learning Adventure gift package
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Over a $44 Value!

Elmo’s Learning Adventure
Fun-filled learning for your child
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