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FREE Germ-X Hand Sanitizer + FREE Shipping!

ShopAtHome has a new WILD deal!  These go fast, so HURRY!  You can get Free Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer + Free Shipping! It will cost $1.86 + FREE shipping but you will get back $1.86 in your ShopaAtHome account so they will be FREE!  You do have to pay any applicable tax – I paid $.16

Here’s how it works but you’ll need to be FAST:

1 – Hurry over to ShopAtHome and log in or sign up (you will also get a $5 credit if you are new)

2 – Click on the “Buy Now” button on the WILD DEAL and make sure to shop through that link

3 – You will pay $1.98 (shipping is FREE!)

3 – You will get $1.98 cash back deposited into your ShopAtHome account within 7  to 30 days and a check in the mail when your account reaches $20.00!  There are new WILD deals for Free Items all the time, plus you can get cash back just for shopping at many major stores that you probably shop at anyway!

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