GFC and Networked Blogs for Cash in |

GFC and Networked Blogs for Cash in

Here are all of the GFC and Networked Blogs to for the Cash in Tuesday Giveaway. Once you have subscribed to all of the pages, don’t forget to return to the Rafflecopter and click “I did this” to be entered into the giveaway. Comments are appreciated, but they do not count as official entries.

Follow The Coffee Chic Via GFC

Follow Healthy Baby Beans via Networked Blogs


8 Responses to “GFC and Networked Blogs for Cash in”

  • wendy beam darneal:

    i did this

  • Dianna Thomas:

    Following GFC onThe Coffee Chic and Network Blogs–Following Network Blogs on Healthy BabyBeans// Thanks

  • sonia guerra/choni sonia guerra:

    the GFC link for coffee chic gave me an error- went to her site and signed up there.

  • Melanie F:

    Subscribed to all Networked Blogs & Google Friend Connect!

  • Clare Blakeslee Toll:


  • Ada Miller:

    I done the GFC one,but when I click to connect via NB’s with Healthy Baby Beans it’s not showing I am connected with her & I submitted it while waiting on the tab to load for the links to do the entries figuring I wouldn’t have any issues. I tried to undo my entry,but I can’t. I may have gotten connected with her via NB’s & it not just showing on my end,but I am unsure. I have also refreshed etc & still not working right. Went to her Google+ account too to go to her blog from there,but on Google+ I can’t see anything & see the message she hasn’t shared anything with me etc.:(

    • Coupon Spice:

      That is ok, I will make sure that the entry will count for you. Sometimes we have trouble with Networked Blogs.

  • Vickie Bouzerrara:

    I did everything you ask for the dr4awing on 1/11/12

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