Homework Supplements Every Parent Should Know |

Homework Supplements Every Parent Should Know

If your child is in school, you may have noticed the large amounts of homework they have. If you are concerned about helping your child with their homework, check out some of these items that every parent should own to keep their child on track with homework and achieving to the best of their ability in school.


Sometimes your children will be assigned items weeks in advance. Help them organize those items on a calendar. Then, help them organize their time to be the most productive it can be on the same calendar. For instance, if they received Math homework on Monday, but it isn’t due until Thursday, they can wait to complete it on Tuesday. That will free their Monday night up to study for that English test on Tuesday morning. Showing them how to properly manage their time will make sure all tasks are completed on time, and it will help make homework less stressful for everyone.

Flash Cards

They are oldies, but goodies, and it’s because they actually work. Flashcards help with memory retention, and they can be used for every subject your child will have in school. They are also inexpensive and can be saved for younger children when they reach that grade level. Finally, they can be an activity you and your child do together to help keep you involved in their education.

Books On the Subject

If you are having problems getting your child to read as it is, you may think this is a counter-productive suggestion. But is it? There are great audiobooks that cover a wide range of subjects. You and your children could be listening to the History of Ancient Egypt on your morning drive, rather than Lady Gaga. This has two benefits: your child learns about the subject in another way, and you learn something, too! Plus, it’s another activity you can do together.

Phone Apps

Before you balk at the thought of downloading educational applications to your phone for you child to use, think about this- children are learning through education more and more these days and technology engages them. If you are in a restaurant and your 8 year old is getting a bit loud, hand him your phone and show him the application you just downloaded that teaches about dinosaurs and their habitats. This will have him engaged and learning at the same time. The best way to make thee applications work for your child’s learning needs is to get ones geared to things they already enjoy, like dinosaurs or ballet.

Reward Chart

No one wants to work for nothing, and that includes your child. No matter their age, they can benefit from a reward chart. Basically, you will give them an agreed upon award at the end of every week or month when they’ve completed all homework assignments on time. This chart can be made any way you like, and the reward is up to you, but it should be something your child will enjoy. This will help your child stay motivated, even when the homework tasks never seem to end.

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