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Key Ingredient Recipe Reader Giveaway

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Here is some information about the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

The reason I loved the key ingredient website because it has tons of recipes to pick from and I could make cookbook folders for each section I liked, example crockpot, chicken, breakfast and more.   Each folder you make will list the recipes in alphabetic order so you can easily find if you know the name of the recipe you are looking for.  If you are planning a holiday meal this year and you find recipes you only want for the meal you can dd them to your planner, so you can easily find them when it time to cook for that meal.   The Key Ingredient has 3 timers so you can be cooking and baking many meals at once and keep up with each one.   The back has a stand so that is up some so it is easier to view, you can use laying flat or standing up it will rotate for you. 

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