Lysol Gift Basket Giveaway! |

Lysol Gift Basket Giveaway!


This Giveaway is Hosted by Coupon Mamacita and some great and awesome Bloggers. We also want to thank Staples for sponsoring this Giveaway! We really hope everyone stays healthy during the holidays and enjoy their time with family!

To help, we’re giving away an Office Illness Prevention Kit. It includes:

  • · Clorox Clean Up Wipes
  • · Lysol Antibacterial Cleaner
  • · Purell Hand Sanitizer
  • · Soft Soap Hand Soap
  • · Kleenex Tissue Box

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11 Responses to “Lysol Gift Basket Giveaway!”

  • Cathy French:

    We try to prevent the flu by washing counters then disenfecting them. Changing out toothbrushes often. If someone does get ill lysol everything they touch. Don’t touch your face and use Purell.

  • Andrea D.:

    We all take a Vitamin C.

  • Ashley C:

    We’re only a two person household, but we still need to prevent flu. We’re constantly washing our hands, using hand wipes, lysol sprays, hand sanitizer and well, staying away from those that appear to be sick.

  • Cheryl Rahkonen:

    I clean frequently with Lysol and spray my bedding, furniture and bathroom fixtures with Lysol, also. I add bleach to every load of dishes I wash, attempting to keep down the germs. I use Lysol on my countertops, my table and chairs, and I scrub my floors with Lysol, also. If we still get the flu, then it must be fate. lol

  • jeri boss:

    i want to win this

  • jodi frasier/lasher:

    well in all honesty, I am a avid Lysol user. I spray bedding and couches everyday. Thanks

  • amy guillaume linderman:

    keeping hand sanitizer in my purse and car

  • Pam H.:

    We practice lots of hand washing and using hand sanitizer during flu season.

  • Debbie Welchert:

    We make sure we keep our hands really clean, always cover our mouths when sneezing and when we go out in public we make sure we take wipes with us so we can wipe down shopping carts and our hands.

  • Amy Orvin:

    We all have a flu shot each year.

  • jennifer wexler:

    i use lysol all of the time and we wash our hands all of the time

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