Nutrisystem RESULTS! Week Eleven – #NSNation! |

Nutrisystem RESULTS! Week Eleven – #NSNation!

So, you now know that I have officially become a Nutrisystem Blogger – and my husband is joining me in my journey! Each week, we will update you on our progress, success and even our failures.

Here is how we did on the plan this week:



This Week’s Weight Loss: 1 Pound
Total Weight Loss: 8 Pounds

I lost another pound this week on the program! I have settled into my routine and will be adding my exercise back in next week.  Hopefully, that will increase my weight loss as well as increase my muscle.  I am trying to get back close to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I am not sure what I will end up at, but I just want to be healthy.  Nutrisystem is a great way to help me get there.  Even when I am not eating Nutrisystem for a particular meal, I am conscious of portion sizes and I try not to overeat!  That should help me to keep the weight off once I am at my goal!

The Food:

My Favorite Breakfast Food: Chocolate Muffin
My Favorite Lunch Food: Beef Stew
My Favorite Dinner Food: Mac ‘n Cheese with Beef
My Favorite Snack: Coconut Almond Bar



This Week’s Weight Loss: 0 Pounds
Total Weight Loss: 24 Pounds

Doug had an infection in his tooth this week and had to have it pulled.  His dietary orders from the doctor were to eat ice cream for several days, only soft food and nothing hot.  Since the antibiotics were making him sick, he also had to eat a lot of starchy foods.  So, he ate Angel Food Cake and lots of bread.  Combine that with the ice cream, and he did not lose any weight this week.  He will be off of his antibiotics soon and will be back on the plan.  I am confident that he will be able to get on the right track and make up for the weight that he didn’t lose this week.  Sometimes, life just happens.

The Food:

Doug’s Favorite Breakfast Food: Chocolate Chip Scone
Doug’s Favorite Lunch Food: Chicken Noodle Soup
Doug’s Favorite Dinner Food: Lasagna
Doug’s Favorite Snack: Golden Pound Cake


Don’t forget to join us each week on our journey. If you are on Nutrisystem, we would love to hear of your success stories!

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Disclaimer: Doug and I have both been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger #NSNation program. Nutrisystem will provide each of us with their meals at no charge in exchange for our review. We are not being compensated for our participation. Any opinions shared are our own.

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