Nutrisystem RESULTS – Week Fifteen! #NSNation! |

Nutrisystem RESULTS – Week Fifteen! #NSNation!

So, you now know that I have officially become a Nutrisystem Blogger – and my husband is joining me in my journey! Each week, we will update you on our progress, success and even our failures.

Here is how we did on the plan this week:



This Week’s Weight Loss: 0 Pounds, but I did lose 1 inch!
Total Weight Loss: 8.5 Pounds

I didn’t lose any weight on the scale this week, but I did lose an inch!  To me, that is just as good as seeing the weight loss on the scale.  It means that I am losing fat and probably gaining muscle.  I have decent muscle mass, but I am looking to tone up some more, especially on my problem areas.  I am a woman with kids, so I bet you can guess where those are!

The Food:

My Favorite Breakfast Food: Chocolate Chip Scone
My Favorite Lunch Food: Chicken Tacos!  One of my all-time favorites!
My Favorite Dinner Food: Chicken and Dumplings
My Favorite Snack: Ice Cream Sandwich



This Week’s Weight Loss: 1 Pound
Total Weight Loss: 28 Pounds

Doug lost another pound this week!  This week was a pretty normal week for us.  We stayed on the plan for the most part.  Well, Doug was craving Sausage, so we had that for dinner one night.  Other than that, and the men’s breakfast, we stuck with the Nutrisystem plan.  I love that you can eat without thinking and lose weight!

The Food:

Doug’s Favorite Breakfast Food: Vegetable Omelet
Doug’s Favorite Lunch Food: Pasta with Beef
Doug’s Favorite Dinner Food: Sweet and Sour Chicken
Doug’s Favorite Snack: Ice Cream Sandwich – Yes, it was both of our favs this week!  🙂


Don’t forget to join us each week on our journey. If you are on Nutrisystem, we would love to hear of your success stories!

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Disclaimer: Doug and I have both been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger #NSNation program. Nutrisystem will provide each of us with their meals at no charge in exchange for our review. We are not being compensated for our participation. Any opinions shared are our own.

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