Nutrisystem Results – Week Seven! #NSNation |

Nutrisystem Results – Week Seven! #NSNation

So, you now know that I have officially become a Nutrisystem Blogger – and my husband is joining me in my journey! Each week, we will update you on our progress, success and even our failures.

Here is how we did on the plan this week:



This Week’s Weight Loss: .5 Pounds
Total Weight Loss: 5 Pounds

As you know, we are in the process of moving and I have been on and off of the Nutrisystem plan.  I have been eating out most of the week with friends and family that we will be moving away from.  I credit Nutrisystem that I have NOT Gained weight this week.  While eating out, I was thinking about the Dining Out Guide that was provided to me.  I was also more conscious of the calories and fat that was in the food that I was eating.  These are tips that will help me long after I have completed my journey with Nutrisystem. 

The Food:

My Favorite Breakfast Food: Apple Strudel Scone
My Favorite Lunch Food: Homestyle Chicken
My Favorite Dinner Food: Flat Bread Pizza
My Favorite Snack: Carrot Cake



This Week’s Weight Loss: 2 Pounds
Total Weight Loss: 19 Pounds

Doug also ate out quite a bit this week, but he also worked really hard with the move.  He was conscious about the food that he was eating and drank lots of water.  He did most of the manual labor during the move, so he was burning more calories than usual.  He was still able to lose 2 pounds this week on the plan!

The Food:

Doug’s Favorite Breakfast Food: Chocolate Muffin
Doug’s Favorite Lunch Food: Three-Cheese Chicken
Doug’s Favorite Dinner Food: Thick Crust Pizza


Don’t forget to join us each week on our journey. If you are on Nutrisystem, we would love to hear of your success stories!

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Disclaimer: Doug and I have both been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger #NSNation program. Nutrisystem will provide each of us with their meals at no charge in exchange for our review. We are not being compensated for our participation. Any opinions shared are our own.

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  • Veronica H:

    Really want to join but wasn’t sure if it would work. Sounds like it is though!! Great job and i think i’m going to sign up!!

    • Coupon Spice:

      We really do like the program. The foods that I like and the foods that my husband likes are completely different, so the first month… I would suggest trying a little of everything. Then, you can narrow down your likes and dislikes in the coming months. Good luck with your plan and let me know how it goes!

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