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TEST Products and Get Paid!!



Do you love to take surveys and test products? Toluna participants have tested products such as makeup, candy, toothpaste, deodorant, Hello Kitty products and more! Sign up for Toluna Here!  Right now, they are looking for product testers for the Physio by Chicco!

Upcoming opps include L’Oreal and Thierry Mugler Wallet.  Here is the screen shot of the Coming Soons from Toluna:

Toluna is NOT your average Survey Company. They offer product testing and a social network of sorts. You can help people with questions like “What should I wear tonight?” AND you will be rewarded for doing so. Super cool!

Toluna is also a unique Survey company. The will offer cash and prizes for participating in their surveys and you will find FUN surveys on this site that you won’t find on others! I LOVE Toluna and I think that you will too!


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