Things You Should Never Buy at Goodwill?? |

Things You Should Never Buy at Goodwill??

Wow!  I think that this author is really missing the point of Goodwill!  Do you agree?  Do you think that these are Things You Should Never Buy at Goodwill?

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  • Personally I think she’s an idiot! She doesn’t get the whole point of the goodwill at all and probably has more money than actual sense!

    The only things I agree with are underware and swimsuits!! Everything else can be disinfected, washed, cleaned up, refreshed and re-used – I think you have to use your own judgement as to whether anything is a piece of crap or not and of course any one of those items in there could be junk BUT you can buy a LOT of nice toys in there, some great shoes! Some brand new kitchen aids still with stickers on!! You can buy a decent older TV – they’ll even let you test it if you ask! Most TV’s are only getting dumped right now because people are upgrading to HD/flat screens and the like! Of course some shoes are going to be past it, some toys are going to be munched on and some clothes are going to be worn, but come on! No one is going to go in and purposefully by the crap unless the have a real hording issue!

    I have personally purchased toys, shoes, clothes, books, kitchen accessories and all sorts in goodwill and will continue to do so! I will also continue to use COMMON SENSE and leave all the junk behind!!

  • I do agree with some of the things on there but silverware….we eat at sit down restaurants. Shoes…I buy my daughters play shoes like in their picture at the children’s resale shops. I also buy swimsuits and toys from the resale shops. It’s just like buying them at Goodwill. They are used. Obviously if it looks nasty, I will not buy them. You can pick and choose what you buy.

  • Dawn Rose:

    wow, that was really a pretty much a goodwill bashing article.
    That person either really doesn’t like seconhand stores or feels they are too good for them.
    Toys, Toys are great and what do you think the kids do with the toys they play with get them dirty. Soap, water and bleach baby.. it works.

    I agree with the silverware we use them everyday when we go to restraunts and no one thinks anything about it. Same with the blender situation, Clean it good and it is fine..
    Really a strange article…

  • Laura:

    I’d like to know what she actually does buy @ Goodwill. Like you it seems shes kind of missing the point. I do agree on underwear, makeup and swimsuits. I don’t think Ive ever seen any whole swimsuits anyway lol. Mine is bad about having a bunch of tops & bottoms separate with no matches in sight! For me pretty much anything else is fair game as long as its in good shape & the price is good. Sometimes I want to remind them this stuff was donated to you for free ya know?!

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