Training for my FIRST 5K Run! |

Training for my FIRST 5K Run!

Ok, so here is the deal.  I am 31 years old… and currently training for my FIRST ever 5K Race!  It is such a good cause, that I just had to go for it.  Running 2 Rescue is a great race with all proceeds benefiting the A21 Campaign – which Helps Stop Human Trafficking. 

I know that this isn’t my usual type of post, but I am super excited about this campaign and also about running my first 5K race.  Who knows… maybe a half marathon will be in my future?!?  I’m also excited about the prospect of becoming healthy and losing some of these last few pesky pounds.

I hope that you will join me in my journey in losing weight, fitness and reaching my goal of completing my 5K!  I have already been lightly training for a week, and I feel great! 

My husband is also training for the 5K, but he is planning on walking and not running the race.  We have been walking every night since Thursday night.  We have made it a family event and have been towing the wagon with the kids in it.  My kids are 5 and 6, so they walk for some of it and they ride for the rest.  So far, our times haven’t been the best with walking… but we are getting out there and doing something!

I’ve been doing my jogging, running and training in the mornings, after my husband goes to work.  This morning, I ran a mile with my best time yet – 8.5 minutes!  That is a really good time for me… now, I just have to work on my endurance!  Gotta make it the full 3.1 miles and hopefully can maintain a good pace by the time the race gets here.  Have any of you ever trained for a 5K?  Got any tips for me?

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