Universal Keychain Phone Charger Just $9! |

Universal Keychain Phone Charger Just $9!

This is a FABULOUS idea, especially if you forget to take your phone charger with you when you go out and about – get this universal keychain charger for just $9! Just hook it onto your keys, and you’ve got your charger with you all the time!

The Details:

  • Convenient, rechargeable 2600mAh battery charges any USB-enabled device
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, camera, iPod and more
  • Compact and sleek keychain design is easy to carry anywhere
  • Plug your existing charging cable into the battery’s USB port to charge your device
  • Available in 6 colors: pink, black, blue, yellow, green and white
  • USB cable included for charging the backup battery
I wish this worked with my HTC phone. I would totally get one!

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