6 Products for FREE – Only $11.91 Shipping! |

6 Products for FREE – Only $11.91 Shipping!

Vistaprint is having an AMAZING deal on 6 Products, 1 Price: Free! Read the post in full to get yours FREE!  A new offer just in time for spring. 6 FREE Products:

1. Business cards
2. Stamps
3. T-shirts
4. Sticky notes
5. Flip books
6. Tote bags!

The products are FREE, just pay for shipping and processing. Design a flipbook of all of your winter photos to keep your memories close at hand. Tote all of your belongings with a customized tote bag. Great for gifts or to keep for yourself, Vistaprint’s 6 free products are personalized and affordable!

Here is how to get the 6 Products:

Click Here to Go to Vistaprint.  Then, add one of the 6 products listed above to your cart.  Next, Go Back Through This Link and add another product to your cart.  Keep Going Back Through This Link until you have added all 6 products to your cart.

The total for the products, including shipping is $11.91!  What a GREAT Deal!

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