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Wolf Brand Chili Review and Giveaway!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wolf Brand Chili.

Oh, YUM! I was recently able to review a gift pack from Wolf Brand Chili, which included three varieties of Wolf Brand Chili, a Texas Apron, Texas-Shaped Cutting Board, 4 Chili Bowls, and Wolf Brand Chili Coasters. Check out Wolf Brand Chili’s Faceboook Page! I was so excited to have this opportunity – AND… Wolf Brand Chili is offering YOU the chance to WIN this very same prize pack!! Scroll to the bottom for the Giveaway!

Growing up, Wolf Brand Chili was the only chili that we ever ate. My dad wouldn’t buy any other brand. The flavor is incredible and Wolf really knows how to make a good Texas Chili! I absolutely love that Wolf Brand Chili listened to their customers and made their chili thicker than ever! It really is the #1TexasChili We decided to make our own “Chili in a Bread Bowl” for lunch today. It didn’t take long for this to interest my kids.

They watched me as I used my Texas-Shaped Cutting Board to slice up some purple onion for my husband and while I carved out our bread bowls.

We decided to have several different topping options for our chili, including Colby-Jack cheese, Fritos, Purple Onion, Sour Cream and Cream Cheese. I decided to go simple with mine and have cheddar and sour cream. My daughter enjoyed hers with cheese, sour cream and cream cheese and my son had fritos, sour cream and lots of cheese. My husband loaded his up with cheese, sour cream and purple onion.

You can see what our finished product looked like… soooooo good! The bread bowls were the perfect addition to the flavor of the Chili. My kids really liked the flavor of the mild chili and my husband and I enjoyed the “No Beans” version. He is saving the hot chili for later, when he wants a little spice. Scroll down for some Free Chili Printables!

Now, for the GIVEAWAY!! View the Wolf Brand Chili Giveaway Terms Here – and View Coupon Spice’s Complete Giveaway Terms and Conditions Here

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Wolf Brand Chili is now thicker and heartier than ever, just the way that Texans like it! The new, thicker and heartier recipe can also be found every day on the shelves of your local grocery store.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wolf Brand Chili.

For more information, visit or

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52 Week Money Challenge!

52 Week Money Challenge

Who is ready to accept the 52 Week Money Challenge?  By saving just a few dollars every week, you can save close to $1400 by the end of 2014!! 

UPDATE:  Want the Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge?  Go check it out from Fused Life Here: Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge

The 52 week money challenge is one of the easiest ways to save money out there.  It is very simple to do.  Every week, you just deposit the same amount of money as the number of that week into a savings plan of your choice.  Just make sure that you don’t have easy access to that account, so you won’t be tempted to spend it.  🙂

The first week, you would deposit $1, the second week, you would deposit $2 and so forth all they way until 52 weeks have been completed.  If you complete the plan as scheduled, by the end of the 52 weeks, you will have deposited $1387 into your account.  Pretty cool, right?

So what is stopping you?  Start your 52 Week Money Challenge now.  Just click the image above to download your very own 52 Week Money Challenge.  Print it out and start saving!  Let me know how it goes!


Getting #FitWithOmron and Bob Greene + Giveaway!

I’m being compensated to write this post by Bookieboo LLC in a blogger campaign with Omron Healthcare. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Ooooooohhhhh!  Look what I just got!  The Omron Activity Monitor with Weight Loss Tracker (HJA-312) and Communications Tray!  I’m so excited to begin using this and even MORE excited about what’s coming up this week!  SCROLL DOWN for the Giveaway

This week, I have the opportunity:

  • To work out and have a one-on-one interview with Bob Greene.  Bob Greene!  The founder of Best Life and Orpah Winfrey’s “fitness guru!” 
  • If that’s not enough, I will be having lunch with the Mamavation bloggers, Bob Greene and the Omron Brand Team!
  • Plus, I get to do a test drive of the Omron Activity monitor, which is designed to track your physical activity… including walking, running… and get this.. HOUSEHOLD chores!  I think it is about time that we were able to count all of those loads of laundry and cleaning as exercise!  🙂
  • Connect to with my Communication Tray to upload 14 days of data, set goals and measure my progress.  Plus, I can earn rewards by connecting to and seeing my friend’s personal bests and getting badges for my hard work! 

 My personal goal is to be to my goal weight by my anniversary this year.  My anniversary is December 15, and I will have been married for 12 years!  I’m not expecting to get down to my pre-pregnancy/pre-marriage weight, but I would like to lose a few more pounds.  I have a few questions for Bob Greene about how I can accomplish this goal.  Especially, if I am being realistic about it – if he thinks it is attainable and healthy.  I am excited about getting the opportunity to ask him.What do you think I should ask?

Omron also offers the Tri-Axis USB Connected Pedometer (HJ-323U) pictured above.  They have a Fall Into Fitness Promtion going on right now.  You will receive 25% off the Activity Monitor, 25% off NFC Communications Tray and FREE Shipping (limit 1 per purchaser,) and 25% off of the Tri-Axis USB Pedometer (HJ-323U.)  Check out Omron Fitness Promotion Here

GIVEAWAY!!  Omron will ship one Omron Activity Monitor with Weight Loss Tracker (HJA-312), and NFC Communication tray,  and one  Tri-Axis USB Pedometer (HJ-323U) to 1 lucky winner!  View our Giveaway Terms and Conditions Here and Enter via the Rafflecopter below!  GOOD LUCK!

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American Eagle Shirt Only $1.71, including shipping!!

Like Twice American Eagle

Like Twice has done it again!  You can get this American Eagle shirt for ONLY $1.71, including shipping!  Here’s how it works:

Right now, I have special invite codes worth $10 to Twice! Plus, Twice is offering a Coupon Code for 15% Off of your purchase. That means that you can get this American Eagle Outfitters Shirt Shipped for only $1.71! $7.95 – $1.19 (15%) + $4.95 Shipping – $10 Credit = $1.71!

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