Be a Product Tester and Earn $$! |

Be a Product Tester and Earn $$!

I am a Synovate Global Opinions Survey Panelist and Product Tester.  Because of confidentiality agreements, I can’t tell you the exact products that I have tested, but I can tell you that I have been able to test a wide variety of products for FREE!  Synovate is absolutely my FAVORITE Survey Company!

One product that I tested came complete with CASH in the box!  Plus, I am paid to complete surveys!  They also have monthly drawings for amazing prices, including CASH and Electronics.

 Why voice your opinions?
Because Synovate’s panel members influence products and services used by people around the world!

    * Participation is free.
    * Most surveys take 15 minutes.
    * Test products before they arrive in stores.
    * Earn reward points, prizes and sweepstakes entries.

 Each month, over 200 panelists share $5,000 in total prizes. Will you be one of them? Click Here

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