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Coupon Basics

I am glad that you stopped by Coupon Spice!  If you are new here, let me show you around!  There are a few places on this website that you may want to check out.  Here is a listing of what you will find:

Looking for Internet Printable Coupons?  You can print them here: Coupon Database

Want to understand all of that coupon shorthand?  Check out Coupon Lingo

Need some ideas on where to get MORE coupons?  Visit Where to Find Coupons

Wanna get organized, but don’t know where to start?  Organize Your Coupons is the place for you

Need help understanding the different types of coupons?  Go to How to Use Coupons

Just want to know how to get the most out of your coupons?  Here ya go – How to Shop

Need store coupon policies?  We have them for you – Coupon Policies

New to CVS?  Check out CVS 101

New to Walgreens?  Check out Walgreens 101

New to Target?  Check out Target 101

Looking for Coupon Matchups?  They are right here: Coupon Matchups




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