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How to Shop

How can you make the most of your coupons?

  • Match up Coupons with Sales
  • STACK Coupons
  • Present coupons in the CORRECT Order

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    What do you mean present coupons in the correct order and why is it important?

    • Coupon Spice:

      Coupon Order comes into play when you are stacking Manufacturer and Store coupons, especially at Walgreens and Target. Walgreens employees are trained to accept coupons in the following order: Manufacturer Coupons, then Walgreens Ad Coupons, and then Register Rewards. At Target, I always give my Target coupons first and then my Manufacturer coupons. If I give my MC first, the register will sometimes adjust down the price of the Target coupon. By giving the Target coupon first, I don’t run into this problem. If you notice that the register doesn’t give the full value of the coupon, you can always point it out to the cashier and they will adjust the coupon price manually. I always give the cashier my coupons one at a time so that I can make sure that they do ring up properly.

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