Dole Scavenger Hunt – Win FREE Dole Coupons! |

Dole Scavenger Hunt – Win FREE Dole Coupons!

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Welcome to the Dole Scavenger Hunt.  Coupon Spice and MyCouportiera have partnered together to bring you this Flash Event.  The Scavenger Hunt will run from 7:30 PM (CST) to 9:30 PM (CST).  Any entries after this time will not be counted.  Here is what you can win:

  • FOUR Lucky Winners will Each Win:  2 Dole Product Coupons for FREE Dole Products

To enter, follow the steps below:

  1. Search through the pages and posts at Coupon Spice and MyCouportiera and look for the Special Images like the one above
  2. Once you locate an Image, Return to this Post and Comment the Requested Verbiage
  3. Continue on Your Scavenger Hunt until you have found all 16 Special Images – 8 on MyCouportiera and 8 on Coupon Spice
  4. For every CORRECT comment, you will receive One Entry into the Giveaway.

For example:

You have found the Dole Scavenger Hunt Picture above, so you will receive one entry for commenting “I love Coupons.”  Because of this special Bonus entry, each person can receive up to 17 Entries into this Giveaway!

Winners will be chosen at Random and will be announced on both blogs.  Have Fun and Happy Hunting!

Read our Complete Giveaway Terms and Conditions Here

Here are the links to both sites:

BIG Thanks to Coupon Pro for the Coupons!  Head over to his Facebook Page and say Thanks!

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