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Earn Money by Writing Articles!

If you enjoy writing, you can make some additional money through freelance writing sites.  One of the sites that I use that is accepting new writers is Constant Content

I have sold every article that I have written and placed for sale on the site, and my highest paying article so far has been $65.00. 

 Here is how it works:

You write an article on ANY topic

  1. You can choose your own topic, or answer a public request for an article.  If you do answer a public request, you may not be the only one that is writing for that request.  The buyer can then choose which article to purchase. 
  2. Once you write your article, you can choose to sell it for Full Rights, Unique Rights or Usage rights.  Each one will have their own price range.
  3. You get to choose how much you want to sell the article for.  I usually price depending on the amount of research I had to do as well as word count.
  4. You do have to submit your article for approval and they do not accept every article.  They will only accept gramatically correct articles.

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