Hard Boiled Eggs Without the Shell! |

Hard Boiled Eggs Without the Shell!

This is such a cool idea!  The Eggies System allows you to crack your eggs into a “Eggie” and boil them on the stove top to make perfect Hard-Boiled eggs!  What I thought was really cool was that the eggs boil with a flat bottom so they are easy to decorate or make great deviled eggs.  I am thinking about getting one of these for my Grandmother for Christmas!  She would LOVE it!  Here are the details:

You buy one system for $10 plus $7.99 S & H and get the second system for the $7.99 S & H.  That makes each system only $12.99 and you get 6 Eggies and an Egg Slicer per System.   Go Buy Your Eggies System Here

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