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Save Money on Date Nights!


Save Money on Date Nights

Know your Date

            If you’re dating someone, the first thing you want to do is to get to know your date better. What are her interests? What does he like to do? What topics interest her? What are his favorites?

This will be your starting point as to determine what date ideas you can have with your special someone. However, one of the biggest factors in choosing your date night is – you guessed it – MONEY!  If you are actively dating, you are probably going out on a weekly basis.  These dates can form a significant part of your monthly budget. 

Alternatives to the Dinner and Movie

            Yes, it’s ok for you to have the classic Dinner and Movie once in a while. Dinner and Movie can be a bit costly and movies don’t give you the opportunity to learn more about your date. So instead of spending $80-100 to treat your date to an expensive dinner and movie and popcorn, have a go at the following date night ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Coffee Dates

            There’s a reason why coffee places are plenty. They are inexpensive and they allow people to have a good conversation.  Getting to know your date is the most important thing and a great way to do that is to have coffee dates. It’s casual, and having conversations over coffee and pastries is one of the best things in life. Total Investment: $6 to $10.

Home Chef

            One great way to impress your date is to show her you can cook. Home cooking can provide you an inexpensive and at the same time give you and your date an intimate time to get to know each other better. Have your meals ready so when your date arrives, you can get right to enjoying the dinner. Total Investment: $20-$25

The Daily Deals

            Secure amazing food and activity bargains by joining their mailing list. In this way, you can plan out amazing future night dates and save plenty of money at the same time. Tip: Research the deal provider first and read all the fine details. This will ensure the planning will be smooth and there are no monetary surprises after the date night. Total Investment: $10-$20

Jogging, Tennis and Other Sports

            If your date is the sporty and fit type, this activity will be a total bonding experience for you. Exercise and sports are the perfect activity to unwind after a hard day at work. Exercise releases endorphins which should put both of you in a happy state. You can also hold conversations while you jog with her. After working out, you can head over for a dinner and movie date or a coffee chill night. Total Investment: Good running shoes and sports attire.

Live Music

            Music is a great and inexpensive way to bond with your date. Get to know your date’s music tastes and then get hunting on the bars and restaurants her kind of artists perform in. If you can get a special deal for concert tickets, then go for it! You will always be associated with good feelings and memories if you bring her to a music event that she enjoys. Total Investment: $20 to $30


            So there, having inexpensive dates is all about being creative and being flexible and open minded to try out new things. Life is all about experiences. Why not share it with your date?

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