Security Breach from No More Rack |

Security Breach from No More Rack

I posted about this briefly via my Facebook wall, but wanted to let everyone know more details about the Security breach from No More Rack.  Your personal information may have been compromised.

Here is the scoop:

Customers would log into their own account and they were then directed to a completely different account.  They were able to view personal information including, email, name, address, phone number and anything else stored in the account. 

No More Rack has issued a statement claiming that no credit card information was compromised, but a blogger friend of mine reported, along with several others, that she was able to see credit card information during the checkout process.  Some people said that the credit card information had the last few numbers as an “x” but others are saying that they saw complete numbers, expiration dates and CID security codes. 

What is more disturbing to me is how the company has handled this breach of security.  The breach supposedly happened last night, but they did NOT shut down the site.  They also deleted comments about the breach that people posted on their Facebook wall.  I understand that security breaches can happen to even the most reputable companies.  But, if it does happen… the site should be taken down immediately.  Customers should also be informed via email and not just a post on Facebook.  The information that they are given should be the whole truth and not their spin on the truth. 

If you have an account with No More Rack and have ever made a purchase or stored your credit card information with them, I recommend that you cancel that credit card immediately.  Also, inform your bank and check your accounts over the next few days and weeks. 

You are not able to cancel your No More Rack account by logging into the site, but you should be able to cancel the account by using live chat or sending them an email.  Some users are reporting that they are not able to log out of No More Rack once they have logged in, so keep that in mind. 

The way that they have handled this breach of security is unacceptable.  As such, you will never see me promote this site again in the future because I am concerned about your privacy and security.  I have not promoted No More Rack in over a month, but I apologize to anyone who may have signed up based on my promotion.

3 Responses to “Security Breach from No More Rack”

  • Anna:

    I’m glad I asked them (via live chat) to cancel my account about the day after I opened it (they didn’t have the type of stuff that interested me).

  • Jayne Townsley:

    I never purchased from them, but I had signed up as an entry into a giveaway. (I don’t remember whose blog it was.) I’m even having a hard time getting unsubscribed from their emails.

  • Eric Lyons:

    The way I block email’s is I go to my email and right click on one I don’t want, then mark all as spam. they (the email’s I don’t want) go to the spam folder never to deal with again from websites I cant get back into or wont let me deactivate any account! I know it’s a hassle but it work’s for now…

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