Vacation on a Budget! |

Vacation on a Budget!

How to Budget While on Vacation

Most families save up all year to take their family vacation. The expenses of hotel, air flight and car rental can get pretty expensive! unfortunately, what a lot of families fail to save for is the other expenses that come along with a vacation. You need to factor in food, excursions and souvenirs. Budgeting for these expenses ahead of time while help you enjoy a stress-free vacation. The best part is there are ways to save on all of these things.


Prior to going on your vacation research different food options in the vicinity you will be traveling to. There is nothing worse than sitting down at a restaurant only to realize you really can’t afford to eat there. Having a list of affordable dining options will help keep you on budget. 

Another option is to go grocery shopping once you arrive at your vacation destination. Stocking up on snacks, waters and breakfast items will help reduce your food costs. You can normally purchase a case of water for $3.99 compared to $1.99 a bottle! 


Excursions are a big part of any vacation. Excursions are also a an easy way to break your budget! The best way to save on excursions is to book them before you go on vacation! Signing up for these activities through the hotel desk or concierge will normally cost you up to 30% more than pre-booking. 

To save even more money on excursions, skip the group activities. Go sightseeing on your own when you can. You can save money by not paying for a guide. 


Souvenirs are probably the #1 budget killer while on vacation! This is one area that most people do not plan for at all. Bringing back things to remember your vacation is fun but do you really need a $29 T-Shirt or a $10 coffee mug? There are ways to enjoy your vacation memories for years to come without spending a fortune. 

First off, do not purchase souvenirs in touristy areas. Venture out of the tourist zone to pick up your souvenirs. Skip all of the cheesy souvenirs and purchase a photo album! Adding all of your vacation pictures to this album gives you an affordable way to capture all of your memories without spending a fortune. If you have kids with you, give them a set budget every day. Let them know up front how much money they have to spend on souvenirs. This will help you stay on budget while teaching the kids a lesson on budgeting their own money. 

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