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Drama Patrol T-shirts Review and Giveaway!

Have you heard of Drama Patrol Clothing?  They offer Custom T-shirts and Designs with NO limit to the number of shirts that you must purchase!  Have you ever had an idea of a great t-shirt that you would love to have?  Drama Patrol makes it easy for that t-shirt idea to come to life. 

They offer an easy-to-use interface for uploading your own designs, customizing fonts and pictures.  Plus, the Custom Designer allows you to see how your design would look on many different colored t-shirts – with only one click of the mouse! 

For this review and giveaway, I received two t-shirts to review from Drama Patrol and I am so excited about how they turned out!  The first one was a custom design that I sent to them to print.  Here is the design that I sent them:

I requested that the design be printed in pink on a black shirt.  When the shirt came in, I immediately looked at the quality of the shirt.  It was a super-thick quality t-shirt and the design printed beautifully.  Here is how my actual shirt looks:


Drama Patrol also sent me one of their custom designs.  I looked through the designs on their website and chose a Monopoly-themed shirt to check out.  It was a full-color design and I love Monopoly, so it was perfect to try out.  Here is the shirt:

The shirt that I received looks just like the picture!  The colors were great and again, the t-shirt was very high quality.  One thing to mention about Drama Patrol is that, like other custom designed shirts, you must follow all of the washing recommendations.  Drama Patrol t-shirts places a Wash Care sticker on each shirt to make sure that you know exactly how to wash their shirts to keep the quality.  I have already worn and washed one of the shirts, and it has held up well so far!

As with any design-your-own t-shirt or custom t-shirt site, there may be some designs that you love and some designs that you hate.  There were several designs on there that I liked and some that I thought were funny.  There were also a couple of shirts that were not my style or that I would not purchase myself.  However, you will most likely find shirts like that in any store that you shop at, whether online or in person.  Overall, the site worked well for me and the customer service team was great!  

Drama Patrol has partnered with us to bring you this amazing giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive a $60 Gift Card to Dramapatrol.com Plus FREE Shipping!  You can spend your Gift Card on custom t-shirts that you design yourself or choose from the pre-made designs in their store.  


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